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2010 Bhopal Court Decision re: UCIL Executives Charged with Negligence

By requirement of the Government of India, the Bhopal plant was detail designed, owned, operated and managed on a day-to-day basis by Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) and its employees. All the appropriate people from UCIL -- officers and those who actually ran the plant on a daily basis -- have appeared to face charges and were convicted of negligence.

Union Carbide and its officials were not part of this case since the charges were divided long ago into a separate case. Furthermore, Union Carbide and its officials are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Indian court since they did not have any involvement in the operation of the plant, which was owned and operated by UCIL.

***Please note: In 1994, Union Carbide sold its entire stake in UCIL to Mcleod Russel India Limited, which renamed the company, Eveready Industries India, Limited (Eveready Industries). In 1998, the Madhya Pradesh State Government, which owns and had been leasing the Bhopal plant site property to Eveready, cancelled the lease, took over the facility and assumed all accountability for the site, including the completion of any additional remediation.